A Firebird trumpet finally sold!

I’ve been scouring ebay for Firebird trumpets ever since I purchased mine from the great Ray Vega in 2001. I saw 3 Firebirds sell for ridiculous prices in what I now call “the Firebird bubble” of 2005, all within a month or two of each other. One went for $9,000 another for $9,500 and the third and final one (which looked a lot like a scam to me, but I never confirmed it) for a whopping $10,000! Since then, many Firebirds have been listed with extremely high BINs and have gone unsold. Just this year (2014) I’ve seen 3 listed (one at $9,100 and another at $4,700), relisted for a few hundred less (if at all), and eventually the seller gives up/does not want to come down to an actual reasonable price. Finally, the third horn was listed on Nov 9th as an auction, not a BIN, but with a high reserve. The bidding got to $2,851 without hitting the reserve. The seller, now knowing approximately what the market would support, relisted the horn with a BIN of $3,500. After 6 tense days, someone scooped it up! See it here.

Now I can finally show my insurance company what one sold for on the open market and insure it for $3,500. I just hope that if, God forbid, I ever need to replace mine, that I can find one for $3,500 (or, preferably, less)!