Professional musician, alternative process photographer, former scientist

I started playing the trumpet in 5th grade, and around the same time developed a fascination with science. The two interests coexisted well for a while, with music taking a back seat while I went to college and later grad school in molecular biology. But then music took over in a very powerful way and I quit halfway through my Ph.D. to move to New York City and become a professional musician. I can’t say I have any regrets, as my musical career is doing quite well and I’ve played with a lot of the biggest stars in Western music.

I play a very unusual trumpet called the Firebird, which allows me to play the traditional South Indian music I grew up with. Click on over to that page and watch my tutorial videos. I think even if you’re not a trumpet player you’ll be fascinated by the instrument.

Other stuff: keep up with my bands and come see me live, or listen to my self-produced music. Oh! I’m also an alternative process photographer and I’m available for photoshoots, so if that strikes your fancy, please check out my photography site!